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Getting to know Paper Beads!
Figure 8 paper beads.
To create a spacer bead cut your paper in the triangle shape. (1/4" wide x16" long) 
You can use our tapered triangle paper bead template or you can use the triangle strips! With the triangle strips roll your bead until you get the desired picture or wording, then tear it off... then glue.

1/16" is usually used for jewelry making. Seed beads now made from paper.

Seed- Beads are achieved by either cutting a small triangle or when you make a tapered tubular bead use the left over "tail" you tore off ... nothing is wasted with paper beading.

Round beads-use long strips of triangle paper 16" or longer. Tear the end off when you've achieved the desired bead style.
Figure 8- Hint on rolling these beads... when you come to the "fork" in the specially cut paper you can either continue rolling both "tails" at the same time OR put a spot of glue at the beginning of the split.. hold a few seconds then roll one "tail" at a time until you complete your bead.
1/8"  is good for jewelry as well but works best for larger projects purses, bowls, baskets, etc.