WELCOME TO Paper Bead Girl
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Paper Bead Girl was developed out of pure frustration of not being able to find any tools or instruction in the art of paper beads. In the beginning I used the common "tools" the toothpick and knitting needles that most people were using and found my beads were hard to make and coming out very irregular. This has been a passion of mine and through the hard work and dedication of so many.... we're seeing high quality products coming to the market!

Our Tools have been rated as favorite by magazines and are currently being sold around the world. We've opened up a new location to continue the education of this beautiful art and we look towards the future with great optimism. 

Welcome to all things paper beads!
As seen in BeadStyle Magazine May 2011
Mix you store bought beads with your paper beads to create wonderful works of art.
Make seed beads from paper with the 1/16 rollers!
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